onsdag 8 mars 2017

A day with a bad trigger

Today, I made an awful experience. I had a seminar, discussing the purchase process with distance students. I checked my phone after class - there is a gunman on Campus!! This incident triggered my body to start feeling like a hunted person, although I wasn´t in danger. I just felt so stressed in this situation and had to go home. I know it is due to my sorrow, but I don't want to react like this. The situation was not any better due to no information from our management. It took two hours until we got any precise information and the information was on web pages, which required you to log in. Bad way to treat your personal.

Anyway, the evening was really good. Camilla and I went to a dancing evening at Östersunds Bugg & Rock'n'roll club. Nice friends, helping me to dance better and I got an hour of practice. Just pure happiness!

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